Conference report of International Conference on Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology (ICNANO) - 2017, India

Hisatoshi Kobayashi; Mikael Syväjärvi

Volume 2, Issue 5 , 2017, Pages 288-288


  Most of us are active in research and focus on the scientific issues and expert areas of our profession. Nanotechnology is recognized as potential arena which can have a profound societal impact. It includes all aspects important for innovation: technology sectors, value chains and business areas. However, ...  Read More

Research Article
Nd3+ sensitized Yb3+ luminescence in oleic acid functionalized LaF3: Nd3+Yb3+ nanoparticles

Pramod K Nampoothiri; Mayuri N Gandhi; Ajit R Kulkarni

Volume 2, Issue 5 , 2017, Pages 289-293


  The luminescence at the absorption maximum of c-Si solar cells (1002 nm) of Ytterbium (3+) ions (Yb3+) make them a suitable candidate for solar spectrum converting material for c-Si solar cell. In this work oleic acid functionalized lanthanum fluoride (OA-LaF3) nanoparticles doped with Nd3+, Yb3+ (2-5 ...  Read More

Research Article
Electronic levels of small molecules for organic solar cells: A computational study

Shahjad .; Ranoo Bhargav; Dinesh Bhardwaj; Asit Patra

Volume 2, Issue 5 , 2017, Pages 294-298


  Currently significant progress has been made for the small molecules, indeed, achieved comparable performance compared to polymer in electronic devices mainly due to the many advantages of small molecules over the polymers. Designing better small molecules for electronic applications are required a comprehensive ...  Read More

Research Article
Sonochemical synthesis of zinc oxide nano particles

Nandini Sharma; Ranjana Jha

Volume 2, Issue 5 , 2017, Pages 299-303


  Zinc oxide nanoparticles were synthesized utilizing a green and simple sonochemical route. The synthesized ZnO nanoparticles were characterized for the analysis of structural and optical properties. Characterization with XRD and TEM shows that the synthesized particles were uniformly distributed, crystalline ...  Read More

Research Article
Plasticity assessment based on Schmid factor in deformed 9Cr-1Mo steel

Manmath Kumar Dash; T. Karthikeyan; S. Saroja

Volume 2, Issue 5 , 2017, Pages 304-309


  Chromium alloyed Ferritic/Martensitic steels are widely used as structural materials in power plants, and considered for core applications of fast and fusion reactors. Characterization and fundamental interpretation of deformed microstructure through crystal plasticity principles are useful for tailoring ...  Read More

Research Article
Structural and electrical behaviour of sol-gel derived Li-Ni-Co ferrite/SiO2 nanocomposites

Nandeibam Nilima; Mamata Maisnam; Sumitra Phanjoubam

Volume 2, Issue 5 , 2017, Pages 310-314


  Li-Ni-Co ferrite/SiO2 composites with representative formula Li0.41Ni0.1Co0.08Fe2.41O4+ xSiO2 (i.e., x = 0wt. %, 5wt. %,10wt. % and 20wt. %) were prepared by sol-gel method. The prepared composites were pre-sintered at 600ºC for 2 hrs and then finally sintered at 1000ºC for 6 hrs. X-ray diffraction ...  Read More

Research Article
Role of doped ZnO nanoparticles as polymer chain segmental motion exciter in PVA-ZnO nanocomposites investigated by dielectric relaxation spectroscopy

Shobhna Choudhary; Ram J. Sengwa

Volume 2, Issue 5 , 2017, Pages 315-324


  The dielectric and electrical spectra of solution cast prepared nanocomposite films comprising poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) as polymer matrix and zinc oxide (ZnO) as inorganic nanofiller (PVA–x wt% ZnO (x = 0, 1, 3 and 5)) have been investigated in the frequency range from 20 Hz to 1 MHz. Anomalous ...  Read More

Research Article
Plasmon resonance in photoactive P-N junction blend, spin coated from self-made low cost spin coating machine for plastic solar cell

Ishwar Naik; Rajashekhar Bhajantri; Sunil Rathod; Jagadish Naik

Volume 2, Issue 5 , 2017, Pages 325-328


  In the present work, spin coated thin films of P3HT: NTCDA donor- acceptor blends of weight ratios 3:1, 1:1 ,1:3 are prepared in Toluene using the self-made spin coating machine. The experiment is focused to optimize the P:N weight ratio of the photoactive blend that can absorb maximum solar energy and ...  Read More

Research Article
Application of polyacrylamide grafted barley as promising drug formulating agents

Kartick Prasad Dey; Sumit Mishra

Volume 2, Issue 5 , 2017, Pages 329-336


  In this article, we have reported the synthesis of Polyacrylamide grafted Barley (Ba-g-PAM) by free radical copolymerization technique. Ceric ammonium nitrate (CAN) was used as a free radical initiator for this synthesis process. Various grades of Ba-g-PAM were synthesized by varying the CAN and AM concentration. ...  Read More

Research Article
Electrical and mechanical characterization of Gelatin/poly (aniline) composite films

Ajay S. Utiye; Sanjay Kumar Awasthi; S. K. Bajpai; B. Mishra

Volume 2, Issue 5 , 2017, Pages 337-341


  The method of preparation of Gelatin/poly (aniline) composite films has been discussed. Gelatin was cross linked with glyoxal (Glox) in aqueous medium. The composite film was prepared by in-situ polymerization of Aniline within the Gelatin film matrix. The films so prepared have been characterized with ...  Read More

Research Article
Optical band-gap and associated Urbach energy tails in defected AlN thin films grown by ion beam sputter deposition: Effect of assisted ion energy

Neha Sharma; K. Prabakar; S. Ilango; S. Dash; A. K. Tyagi

Volume 2, Issue 5 , 2017, Pages 342-346


  AIN thin films were grown by ion beam sputter deposition in reactive assistance of N+/N2+ ions on Si (100) substrates. During deposition, assisted ion energy (EA) was varied as 90 eV and 120 eV with a post deposition exposure to N2 plasma. The resultant films were characterized by grazing incidence x-ray ...  Read More

Research Article
Suppression of ferroelectric polarization and hence room temperature multiferroicity of LuFeO3 on Cu and Mn doping

Ujjal Chowdhury

Volume 2, Issue 5 , 2017, Pages 347-350


  Room temperature multiferroicity has been in the centre of interest for last few years due to its enormous potential to be applied as real multifunctional device. LuFeO3 is a potential candidate as room temperature multiferroic1, which offers strong multiferroic coupling at room temperature [1]. Presence ...  Read More

Research Article
Synergistic effect of LDH on thermal and flame retardant properties of unsaturated polyester nano-composite containing TXP

Pawan K. Kaul; A. Joel Samson; I V M V Enoch; Paulraj Mosae Selvakumar

Volume 2, Issue 5 , 2017, Pages 351-356


  In this report, we have explored the thermal stability and flammability of unsaturated polyester resin (UP) nano-composites blended with flame retardant trixylenyl phosphate (TXP) and nano-filler dodecyl sulphate intercalated magnesium aluminum layered double hydroxide (MgAlDS LDH). MgAl LDH was synthesized ...  Read More