Advanced Materials Proceedings has established itself as a platform for high quality, interdisciplinary materials' research and developments that connected the various disciplines involved with advanced materials, publishing path-breaking research work from leading researchers of academia, research laboratories, and industries.


  • electronics
  • magnetic
  • optical materials
  • nanaomaterials and nanotechnology
  • materials surface and interfaces
  • biomaterials and biodevices
  • structural and engineering materials
  • computational materials
  • thin films
  • functional materials
  • energy materials
  • composite and ceramic materials
  • polymer science and technology
  • environmental and green materials
  • biomimetic materials
  • supra-molecular systems
  • molecularly imprinted materials
  • information and energy-transfer materials
  • biodegradable materials
  • quantum materials
  • battery materials and technology
  • separation science and technology
  • drug and gene delivery
  • tissue ranging
  • a wide range of other applications