Photocatalytic Oxidation of Acid Orange 10 dye Molecules using Cerium Oxide Nanosphere Particles under Ultraviolet and Visible Light Irradiations

M. Prathap Kumar; G.A. Suganya Josephine; A. Sivasamy

Volume 4, Issue 4 , 2019, , Pages 139-144

  Exploration of semiconductors in the field of photocatalysis plays a crucial role in energy and environmental remediation in particular oxidation/reduction of toxic organic contaminants from water and wastewater. The present research work aims on synthesis of pristine CeO2nanoparticles by precipitation ...  Read More

ZnO Doped Lanthanide Oxide Nanomaterials as Photocatalysts for Selective Organic Transformation Reactions: Synthesis of N- Phenyl-P-Benzoquinonimine

G.A. Suganya Josephine; K. Jayaprakash; A. Sivasamy

Volume 4, Issue 4 , 2019, , Pages 169-173

  Heterogeneous semiconductor nanomaterials are widely employed nowadays as efficient photocatalysts for selective organic transformation reactions. A co-precipitation technique was employed for the preparation of ZnO doped dysprosium oxide from the respectivemetal nitrates and characterization studies ...  Read More

Improved Photocatalytic and Electrochemical Performance of Hydrothermally Synthesized Mg2SnO4 Nanocubes and their Effect on Loading with Activated Carbon

Dinesh Selvakumaran; Anandan Manickam; Gopalakrishnan Ravi; Gohulkumar Muthusamy; Barathan Seshatri

Volume 4, Issue 3 , 2019, , Pages 109-111

  Highly crystalline Mg2SnO4 nanocubes were successfully synthesized using a facile hydrothermal method. Further activated carbon was loaded with Mg2SnO4 nanoparticles in order to enhance the photocatalytic performance. Photocatalytic performance of Mg2SnO4 nanocubes and activated carbon loaded Mg2SnO4 ...  Read More

Cu-ZnO nanoparticles for photocatalytic degradation of methyl orange

Raviraj M. Kulkarni; Ramesh S. Malladi; Manjunath S. Hanagadakar

Volume 3, Issue 8 , 2018, , Pages 521-525

  Photocatalytic degradation of textile dye derivative Methyl Orange (M.O) has been studied in aqueous medium using 2% copper doped zinc oxide (2% Cu-ZnO) nanoparticles under UV irradiation. Simple inexpensive chemical precipitation method was used for synthesis of pure and copper doped zinc oxide nanoparticles. ...  Read More

Ag-TiO2 nanoparticles for photocatalytic degradation of sparfloxacin

Raviraj M. Kulkarni; Ramesh S. Malladi; Manjunath S. Hanagadakar

Volume 3, Issue 8 , 2018, , Pages 526-529

  Liquid Impregnation (LI) technique was developed to prepare 1% and 2% Ag doped Titania nanoparticles. The characterization of the prepared nanoparticles was achieved by X-ray diffraction (XRD), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis (EDX) and Transmission Electron Microscopy ...  Read More

Enhancing photocatalytic performance of BiOX for Bisphenol – A degradation

Tarek S. Jamil; Eman S. Mansor

Volume 3, Issue 3 , 2018, , Pages 155-160

  A heterojunctionBiOI0.5Br0.5 was prepared for enhancing the photocatalytic performance of BiOX (X= Br or I) by facile method at room temperature using Bismuth Nitrate Bi(NO3)3.5H2O as Bismuth source. All prepared materials were fully identified by the required characteristics. The effect of heterojunction ...  Read More

Fabrication of Au:ZnO thin films by a solution-assisted route for application in photo-electrocatalytic degradation of methylene blue (MB)

Bhishma Karki; Jeevan Jyoti Nakarmi; Rhiddi Bir singh; Manish Banerjee

Volume 2, Issue 9 , 2017, , Pages 575-580

  The influence of Au doping in ZnO thin films was studied with respect to photoelectrocatalytic degradation of methylene blue (MB). Influence of Au doping concentration onto PEC structural morphological, optical and luminescence properties of the ZnO thin films were thoroughly investigated. The maximum ...  Read More

Effect of varying reactant precursors on synthesis of nanostructured Iron disulphide (FeS2)

Gurpreet Kaur; Bikramjeet Singh; Paviter Singh; Manpreet Kaur; Anup Thakur; Manjeet Kumar; Rajni Bala; Akshay Kumar

Volume 2, Issue 2 , 2017, , Pages 117-118

  Nontoxic and earth abundant nanostructured semiconductors have experienced wide attention of researchers recently. One of the more studied material is Iron pyrite (FeS2) owing many different promising applications. Herein, the synthesis of nanostructures by varying the reactant precursors of iron and ...  Read More

Visible light driven photocatalysis using nitrogen doped TiO2 quantum dots prepared by microemulsion route

Yuvraj S. Malghe; Atul B. Lavand

Volume 2, Issue 1 , 2017, , Pages 16-21

  Here, we report on microemulsion synthesis of nitrogen (N) doped TiO2 quantum dots (QDs) with improved visible-light response. XRD, FTIR, XPS, EDX and Raman spectroscopy confirms that N was doped successfully in TiO2 lattice. SEM and TEM study confirms spherical morphology of N-doped TiO2 QDs. N-doped ...  Read More