Charge carrier transport mechanism in combustion synthesized PrAlO3 perovskite

Saji S K; R Radhakrishnan; T Jeyasingh; R Vinodkumar; Shibu M. Eappen; P R Sobhana Wariar

Volume 3, Issue 9 , 2018, , Pages 562-565

   perovskite material was prepared by solution combustion technique. XRD results revealed that the material crystallizes in a rhombohedral crystal symmetry with space group Rc. The ac conductivity and dielectric properties of the sintered pellet of the sample have been investigated in the frequency ...  Read More

Rietveld refinement of barium substituted bismuth ferrite synthesized using sol-gel technique

Anju .; Ashish Agarwal; Praveen Aghamkar

Volume 2, Issue 6 , 2017, , Pages 407-409

  Barium substituted bismuth ferrite (Bi0.8Ba0.2FeO3) was synthesized using ethylene glycol based sol-gel method followed by heat treatment at 800°C for 15 min. In order to study the effect of barium substitution on structural parameters the rietveld refinement of the sample was performed. Structural ...  Read More