Spectral, Structural, Thermal and Optical Characterisation of A New Organic D-π-A type Material: m nitroanilinium L-tartrate m-nitroaniline

E. Selvakumar; A. Chandramohan

Volume 5, Issue 1 , 2020, , Pages 32-34


  A new organic SHG active salt 3-Nitroanilinium L-tartrate m-nitroaniline (MLM) was synthesized and optically good single crystals were grown by solvent evaporation solution growth method at room temperature. The structure of the crystal identified by single crystal XRD analyses and it belongs to monoclinic ...  Read More

Factors Affecting the Synthesis of Nano-Structure Materials

Lila A. Alkhtaby

Volume 4, Issue 1 , 2019, , Pages 46-47


  We have to study the factors affecting the synthesis of Co doping ZnO Nano powder with the sol – gel method to study the effect of quantity or doping concentration   we fix the reaction base at pH = 9  and change the doping concentration the  structural  and morphology ...  Read More

­­­Local electronic structure investigation of the sol-gel processed calcium hydroxide material

Jitendra Pal Singh; So Hee Kim; Weon Cheol Lim; Sung Ok Won; Keun Hwa Chae

Volume 3, Issue 6 , 2018, , Pages 377-381


  In the present work, we have reported the synthesis of calcium hydroxide from calcium nitrate. Synthesized nanoparticles were characterized using X-ray diffraction, scanning electron micrographs, and near edge X-ray absorption fine structure measurements. Synthesized nanoparticles exhibit tetragonal ...  Read More

Green synthesis, structural characterization and application of cadmium sulfide nanocrystals with fluorescent dyes for solar enhancement

Yashvant Rao; Gajendra Kumar Inwati; Man Singh

Volume 2, Issue 4 , 2017, , Pages 223-227


  Cadmium sulphide nanocrystals (CdS NCs) of ≈ 7.0 nm have been synthesized and structurally characterized with X-Ray Diffraction (XRD), High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope (HR-TEM) and topographical 3D image by Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). The binding and kinetic energies of 5th electron ...  Read More