Optimization of WEDM Process Parameters on Surface Roughness and Study of Physical behaviour using SEM for Machining Aluminium Alloy Al 7075 using Brass Coated Copper Wire

Shanthi Jayachandran; Mohan Raman; Palanisamy Ponnusamy

Volume 4, Issue 4 , 2019, , Pages 165-168


  Wire Electrical Discharge Machining is one of the most effective Non-Conventional Machining method available to machine intricate shapes which are very difficult to machine with conventional machining methods, on electrically conductive materials havingvarying hardness. In this research work, an attempt ...  Read More

Some investigations on surface roughness and cutting force in face turning of biocompatible Co-Cr-Mo alloy

Ketan Jagtap; Raju Pawade

Volume 3, Issue 4 , 2018, , Pages 289-297


  Biomanufacturing integrates life science and engineering fundamentals to produce biocompatible products improving the pre-eminence of living. Face turning is an important process used for producing the higher accuracy on metal implants especially on sliding parts. In this experiment effect of depth of ...  Read More

Single point diamond turning of silicon for flat X-rays mirrors

Neha Khatri; Rohit Sharma; Vinod Mishra; Harry Garg; Vinod Karar

Volume 2, Issue 7 , 2017, , Pages 425-427


  Silicon Mirrors are essential components for guiding the X-Ray beam and focusing it to a particular location. Due to lower X-ray wavelength, these mirrors require super smooth surface finish to avoid the strong scattering from surface. Single Point Diamond Turning is used to examine the fabrication possibility ...  Read More