Structural investigation of carbon morphology on Ni/cerium-zirconium oxide catalysts used for the biogas dry reforming reaction

Ioannis Tsiaoussis; Nikos D. Charisiou; Maria A. Goula; Lazaros Tzounis; George Vourlias; oannis V. Yentekakis; Remi Chassagnon; Valerie Potin; Bruno Domenichini

Volume 2, Issue 12 , 2017, , Pages 807-812

  In the present work, we investigated the structural morphology of carbon species deposited on nickel catalysts supported on CeO2-ZrO2 (18.8 wt.% ceria), prepared by wet impregnation, during the dry reforming  of methane (DRM) reaction by using Thermo-gravimetric Analysis (TGA), Raman Spectroscopy, ...  Read More