Development of environment friendly electrical insulation from natural fibrils

Subhash Nimanpure; S. A. R. Hashmi; Rajnish Kumar; Archana Nigrawal; H.N. Bhargaw; Ajay Naik

Volume 3, Issue 4 , 2018, , Pages 218-229

  Environment friendly electrical insulation material was developed using bio based rectangular cross sectioned sisal fibrils as reinforcement. High content cellulose base fibrils fibrillated by mechanical disintegration method into macro and micro fibrils from coarse sisal fibre. This fibrils were randomly ...  Read More

Enhanced dynamic mechanical properties of kenaf epoxy composites

Rajnish Kumar; S. A. R. Hashmi; Subhash Nimanpure; Ajay Naik

Volume 2, Issue 11 , 2017, , Pages 749-757

  Randomly distributed kenaf fibre with varying length (5-50mm) and weight fractions (25-40%) were used to reinforce epoxy resin to prepare environment friendly composites. Effect of fibre length with constant fibre loading on dynamic mechanical properties was studied and its effect on storage modulus, ...  Read More