Mariya Aleksandrova received her MSc degree in electronics and the Ph.D. degree in technology of electronic manufacturing from the Technical University of Sofia, in 2007 and 2010, respectively. Since 2015, she is an Associate Professor with the Department of Microlectronics, TU-Sofia. She is an author or co-author of 6 books and more than 80 papers in international journals and conference proceedings. Some of the most important awards of her are Award for Excellence – 2017, Category “Outstanding Papers”, Highly commended paper in Microelectronics International for 2017; “Key Scientific Article”- 2016, awarded from Advances in Engineering for paper in Microelectronics Engineering, 2015; National Award of Federation of the Scientific and Engineering Unions for a best paper 2013. Mariya Aleksandrova is a coordinator and researcher in 16 national and international projects related to fundamental research, bi-laterial projects between Bulgaria and other countries, operational programs and FP7 of European Union. She is an author and lecturer of the courses “Materials Science for Microelectronics” and “Microelectronic technologies for energy harvesting devices” for Bachelor of Science degree, as well as of “Technology for micro-and nanosystems” and “Thin film electronics” for Master of Science degree. Her current research interests include microelectronic technologies, MEMS, energy harvesting materials, flexible electronics, materials science for nanoelectronics.