Dr. Tetsuo Umegaki was educated at Tohoku University (Japan) and received PhD in Applied Chemistry with specialization in heterogeneous catalysis related with C1 chemistry in 2005. After graduation, he worked as a researcher in nanostructured materials for catalytic hydrogen generation at National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology from 2005 to 2010. In 2010, he transferred to Nihon University as an assistant professor and has worked as associate professor since 2016. In the university, he has worked on nanostructured catalytic materials for hydrogen generation, carbon dioxide hydrogenation, and decomposition of greenhouse effect gas such as nitrous oxide. From 2018 to 2019, he worked at Institut Européen des Membranes (IEM) in Montpellier University as a visiting researcher hosted by Prof. Umit B. Demirci for investigation of nano-sized boron-nitride compound for hydrogen storage.