Dr Dmitriy D. Titov is a chemist and received his doctoral degree from the Russian Academy of Sciences for the work in the oxygen-free ceramics based on MoSi2 in 2014. Since the graduate the Moscow State University, he works at the Baikov Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science of RAS (IMET RAS). Now he is a senior scientist and leader of the group in IMET RAS. His current research is focused on the process of sintering ceramics: 1) analysis of rheological properties, the study of the method of synthesis of ceramic composites 2) comparison of the sintering process 3) analysis of the dynamic process occurring during shrinkage of ceramics (activation energy of the sintering process); 4) transparent ceramics. Today, a group led by Titov D.D. working on projects: 1) Sintering processes and phase formation study of multicomponent systems based on SHS MoSi2-NbSi2 ceramic to develop novel high-temperature heater and coating layer; 2) A method development for producing ceramic materials based on xAl2O3- yMgO-zY2O3, MgAl2O4 and Y3Al5O12, designed to provide molybdenumsilicide ceramics resistant to oxidation: parameters and mechanism of sintering organoalumoxane oligomers; in a collaboration he works at the project: 3) Composite nanostructures based on graphene and Ce-, Zn-, Zroxides: synthesis, physicochemical properties, use for the development of functional fine-grained ceramics of a wide application range. In 2019, he received an award «Moscow Government Prize for Young Scientists.