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1 Faculty of Physics, S S B N Degree College (Aided & Autonomous), Anantapur 515001, A.P, India

2 Faculty of Physics, S K University, Anantapur 515003, A.P, India


In the present work, Ag2O films are deposited at room temperature using DCMS (Magnetron Sputtering) method with the variation of pressure of O2 during the development of film. The pressure of O2 in the DCMS unit chamber is arranged between 2X10-2 and 6X10-2 Pa. Transmission and absorption spectrum are recorded to assess the impact of increasing thickness on certain optical parameters such as indirect band gap, direct band gap, dielectric constant etc. As O2 pressure is varies between 2X10-2 Pa and 6X10-2 Pa, optical energy band gap shows a decreasing trend between 1.041 eV and 0.942 eV. It is also observed that the absorption transmittance of the deposited films increases with the increase of thickness of the film.  This way, the study reveals that all the parameters are affected by varying pressure of O2. The effective useful of these
O2-rich films is also discussed keeping in view the increasing importance of the modern technological applications such as photovoltaic cell fabrication. Thus, this technique can also be applied to produce films using other metal oxides. Copyright © 2017 VBRI Press.


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