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This paper reviews succinctly ozone delivery on food materials incorporating some bio-based processes. Particularly, ozone treatment is among existent bio-based process technologies applicable to wide range of food materials. Since declared 'Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)’, the global technological progress of ozone has had its discharge settings to-date range between laboratory/domestic and industrial scales. Based on medium properties and probably owed to its unstable nature, whilst the chemistry and physics of ozone substantiates not only its efficacy, but also the delivery processes, incorporating both direct/indirect oxidation and ozonolysis contributes to its diversity. Ozone is widely under investigation as sanitizing agent for the food industry. So when it is applied to food materials, key variables of interest can include amount/quantity of concentration and exposure time/periods. Now and on-going into the future, it remains imperative that makers of ozone equipment continually search for 'best' safe applications that would cater for both consumer and industrial needs. Copyright © 2017 VBRI Press.


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