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Department of Physics, Islamic University, Gaza, P.O. Box 108, Palestine


Our novelty for the presented work is to find a simple method to study electric and dielectric properties for samples such as magnetic materials. We focus on prepare and characterize of the ferrites. During the AC measurements, we struggled to use the Lissajous figure.  In addition, we have a shortage of equipment for measurements. This prompted us to look for a method to be easy to use with simple devices. The Delay-Time measurement method for any two different sinusoidal waves was used to calculate the phase shift ( ) between them using an oscilloscope. The  was exercised to resolve the series and the parallel of RC in AC circuit. The phasor diagram of the series and the parallel of RC in AC circuit were plotted. All the main and derived quantities of the AC circuit were calculated, such as the immittances, conductivity and dielectric parameters. The presented method is considered as a simple method comparing to other methods. Thus, it can be replaced the other methods as well as it can be used from the scientists and engineers. Our Master students already used this method and they got good results. This paper is considered to be a preliminary analysis for this simple method and we will develop it. Copyright © 2017 VBRI Press.


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