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1 Graphic Era University, Dehradun, 248001, India

2 Institute of Infrastructure, Technology, Research and Management (IITRAM), Ahmadabad, 380026 India


Magnesium and its alloys have got great attention in recent times due to its potential to replace heaver alloys with equal strengths and lighter in weight, hence become potential materiel automobile, sports, aeronautical and biomaterials applications    This study concentrates and summarizes the fundamental properties of magnesium and its alloys such as high strength, ductility non-corrosive behavior etc. Along with its developments in its physical metallurgy, forming process and strengthening mechanisms to enhance the mechanical strength followed by behavior of magnesium alloys under different working conditions and applications. A brief overview of the recent and systematic outline is reported for improvement of mechanical by strengthening mechanism along with its applications. This work would be very much helpful for the researchers to find the best strengthening method on looking on its various aspects of design, environment friendly behavior and optimum utilization of resources with saving the natural resources. Copyright © 2017 VBRI Press.


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