M.Sc.; Ph.D.; Marie‐Curie and CAS Fellow Research Professor, Bharath University, BIHER Nanotechnology, Chennai (India)


It’s our immense pleasure to introduce the proceedings of International Conference on Materials and Spectroscopy (ICMS) held on 11-12th December, 2018 at Saveetha Engineering College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu (India). ICMS’2018 conference mainly aims for the research area of Materials Science and Spectroscopy applications. With the joint efforts Bharath University (BIHER) and Saveetha Engineering College of ICMS’2018 all conference committees, there are more than 100 participants all over the world to attend this event. For this conference, we invited domestic and overseas well-known Materials Scientist and Nanotechnologist to share experience on relevant Nanoscience and Spectroscopy. The whole conference process was separated in two parts: Keynote lecture, oral, and poster presentations.