Synthesis, Characterisation and Cytotoxic Activity of Random Copolyester using 1,4- Dithiane- 2,5-diol

B. Kalpana; R. Nanthini

Volume 5, Issue 1 , 2020, , Pages 20-23

  A novel random copolyester Poly(1,4-dithiane-2,5-diol Succinate – Co – 1,2-ethane diol Succinate) PDES containing sulphur atom was synthesised by direct melt polycondensation method using 1,4- dithiane-2,5-diol as a special monomer, succinic acid, and 1,3 ethane diol with Titanium tetra isopropoxide ...  Read More

Synthesis of conformationally flexible porphyrin tweezers and their application in generation of singlet oxygen

Uma Narang; Kumar K. Yadav; Soumee Bhattacharya; S.M.S. Chauhan

Volume 2, Issue 9 , 2017, , Pages 602-607

  The selected porphyrin acids such as 5-(4'-carboxyphenyl)-10,15,20-triphenylporphyrin, 5-(4'-carboxyphenyl)-10,15,20-tris-(4''-chlorophenyl)porphyrin, 5-(4'-carboxyphenyl)-10,15,20-tris-(4''-tertbutylphenyl)porphyrin and 5-(4'-carboxyphenyl)-10,15,20-(4''-pyridyl)porphyrin have been synthesised by reaction ...  Read More