Self-organized ZnO nanofractal array

Pradosh K. Sahoo; G. Mangamma; M. Kamruddin; S. Dash; Ashok K. Tyagi

Volume 2, Issue 10 , 2017, , Pages 648-653

  In the present work ZnO dendritic nanostructures (NS) were synthesized by sol-gel and spin coating methods over silicon (100) substrate. The phase purity was confirmed by XRD. Grain size was found to be less than 10 nm. The vibrational modes of the nano ZnO wurtzite structure were observed by laser Raman ...  Read More

Self-assembling nano films on metal surface as corrosion inhibitors

Susai Rajendran; R Joseph Rathish; S Santhana Prabha

Volume 2, Issue 9 , 2017, , Pages 596-601

  Self-assembling molecules form protective layers on metal surfaces Self assembled nanofilms of adipic acid, N-cetyl-N,N,N-trimethyl ammonium bromide, Tween- 60, Sodium dodecyl sulphate and an  aqueous extract of  banana peel have been formed on  the  surface  of carbon steel ...  Read More

Comparative study of Co2MnSi structural and surface morphological thin films on Si/SiO2

Rashmi Singh; Puneet Jain; Naresh Kumar; Pramod Kumar

Volume 2, Issue 2 , 2017, , Pages 76-79

  Thin films of Co2MnSi are grown on n-doped Si (100) and SiO2 (100) substrates by RF sputtering. The deposition time to grow the films is varied, once for ten minutes and another for an hour at a particular substrate temperature 600oC and keeping all the other parameters same. The Co2MnSi thin films deposited ...  Read More