Analysis of the effect of boron addition on steels for forged components

Andrea Di Schino; Paolo Emilio Di Nunzio

Volume 3, Issue 8 , 2018, , Pages 494-496

  Following the high cost of Mo and other alloying elements, many attempts are being carried out aimed to improve the hardenability of high thickness forged components without increasing their price. In this work the effect of B is examined on laboratory scale. In particular, two ingots have been cast ...  Read More

Effect of chemical composition on hardenability of high strength low-C steels

Andrea Di Schino

Volume 2, Issue 6 , 2017, , Pages 358-361

  The effect of low-alloy additions on hardenability of high strength low-C steels is reported. Various as-quenched materials with microstructures consisting of low-C (granular) bainitic, mixed bainitic/martensitic and fully martensitic microstructures were produced. Results show that for a given cooling ...  Read More