Self-organized ZnO nanofractal array

Pradosh K. Sahoo; G. Mangamma; M. Kamruddin; S. Dash; Ashok K. Tyagi

Volume 2, Issue 10 , 2017, , Pages 648-653

  In the present work ZnO dendritic nanostructures (NS) were synthesized by sol-gel and spin coating methods over silicon (100) substrate. The phase purity was confirmed by XRD. Grain size was found to be less than 10 nm. The vibrational modes of the nano ZnO wurtzite structure were observed by laser Raman ...  Read More

Optical band-gap and associated Urbach energy tails in defected AlN thin films grown by ion beam sputter deposition: Effect of assisted ion energy

Neha Sharma; K. Prabakar; S. Ilango; S. Dash; A. K. Tyagi

Volume 2, Issue 5 , 2017, , Pages 342-346

  AIN thin films were grown by ion beam sputter deposition in reactive assistance of N+/N2+ ions on Si (100) substrates. During deposition, assisted ion energy (EA) was varied as 90 eV and 120 eV with a post deposition exposure to N2 plasma. The resultant films were characterized by grazing incidence x-ray ...  Read More