Modifications induced in the optical properties of starch by embedded Ag nanoparticles

Meena .; Annu Sharma; Sanjeev Aggarwal; Pawan K. Sharma

Volume 2, Issue 10 , 2017, , Pages 662-666

  Bio-degradable polymers such as starch, chitosan, cellulose etc which are extracted from renewable resources are attracting increasing interest in the recent years due to their environmentally friendly nature, low cost and high availability. In the present work, synthesis of colloidal silver nanoparticles ...  Read More

Structural and physical analysis of borosilicate glasses with Pr3+ ions

Priyanka Goyal; Sudha Pal; Umesh Chandra Bind; Yogesh Kumar Sharma

Volume 2, Issue 2 , 2017, , Pages 119-124

  The present works gives the information about the structural and physical analysis of borosilicate glasses with praseodymium ions. Glass specimen were prepared with the chemical composition (50-x) B2O3 - (10+x) SiO2 – 10Na2O – 20PbO – 10ZnO - 1Pr6O11 (where x= 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, ...  Read More