Investigation of deep electronic levels in n‐type and p‐type 3C‐SiC using photoluminescence

Martin Wilhelm; Mikael Syväjärvi; Peter J. Wellmann

Volume 2, Issue 12 , 2017, , Pages 769-773

  Among the various SiC polytypes, cubic 3C‐SiC is much more difficult to grow in high crystalline quality than the commercially introduced hexagonal 6H‐SiC and 4H‐SiC counterparts. Besides some benefits of 3C‐SiC for transistor applications related to a greater electron mobility and a lower metal‐oxide‐semiconductor ...  Read More

Characterization of protrusions and stacking faults in 3C-SiC grown by sublimation epitaxy using 3C-SiC-on-Si seeding layers

Michael Schoeler; Philipp Schuh; Grazia Litrico; Francesco La Via; Marco Mauceri .; Peter J. Wellmann

Volume 2, Issue 12 , 2017, , Pages 774-778

  In this article, sublimation growth of 3C-SiC on 3C-SiC-on-Si seeding layers was evaluated by characterizing the densities of protrusions and stacking faults (SF). Both defects are among the most critical concerning the growth process and the realization of high quality material for device applications. ...  Read More