Effect of varying reactant precursors on synthesis of nanostructured Iron disulphide (FeS2)

Gurpreet Kaur; Bikramjeet Singh; Paviter Singh; Manpreet Kaur; Anup Thakur; Manjeet Kumar; Rajni Bala; Akshay Kumar

Volume 2, Issue 2 , 2017, , Pages 117-118


  Nontoxic and earth abundant nanostructured semiconductors have experienced wide attention of researchers recently. One of the more studied material is Iron pyrite (FeS2) owing many different promising applications. Herein, the synthesis of nanostructures by varying the reactant precursors of iron and ...  Read More

Effect of processing parameters on synthesis of nanostructured boron carbide

Paviter Singh; Manpreet Kaur; Gurpreet Kaur; Bikramjeet Singh; Kulwinder Singh; Harpreet Kaur; Mandeep Singh; Manjeet Kumar; Rajni Bala; Ramovatar Meena; Akshay Kumar

Volume 2, Issue 2 , 2017, , Pages 128-131


  Boron carbide is well known metallurgical product used in cutting/coating tool industry. Nanostructured boron carbide finds its application in medical, optical and defence industry due to its structural, mechanical and optical properties. In present paper, we report the effect of processing parameters ...  Read More