Correlation between structural aspects and mechanical properties of an Interstitial Free steel for automotive application

Mykhaylo Romanyuk; Martina Avalos; Edgardo R. Benavidez; Elena Brandaleze

Volume 3, Issue 6 , 2018, , Pages 408-413

  The application of IF steels in the automotive industry has increased significantly due to their excellent deep drawability. The chemical composition, the microstructure, the precipitation phenomena and texture of the material determine the mechanical properties. This paper proposes, a more profound ...  Read More

High deformation effects on the plasticity of ultra-high carbon steel wires

Elena Brandaleze; Martina Avalos; Mykaylo Romanyuk

Volume 3, Issue 6 , 2018, , Pages 414-418

  Steel wires under severe cold drawing deformation, develop high strength (5-6 GPa) and ductility. For these reasons it is relevant to increase the knowledge on the structural evolution and deformation mechanisms involved during wire drawing process, due to their critical applications such as bridges, ...  Read More

Deformation mechanisms that explain the combination of high plasticity and strength in steels wires with extreme carbon content

Elena Brandaleze; Mykhaylo Romanyuk; Martina Avalos

Volume 3, Issue 5 , 2018, , Pages 344-350

  The alloy design concepts of high performance steels, involve the knowledge on the stability of carbides associated with nanoscale phenomena present in the structure as result of the deformation suffered during the thermomechanical processes. The understanding of the nanoscale phenomena open new frontiers ...  Read More